Are you a business advisor?

Do you want to get more business from LinkedIn?

Are you frustrated with publishing on social media and nobody viewing? Are your target customers likely to be on LinkedIn?

If you just answered “yes”, then lets talk further.

Linked Professionally is a club designed to help you get the most out of LinkedIn


We promote each other on LinkedIn, generating interest in what we post from our wider networks


We have exclusive member only training to help you get the best out of LinkedIn


Members chat in our online networking group and build strong relationships that lead to referrals


We use our combined experience to help and support each other

How does Linked Professionally work?

We place you in a group of up to 50 people. Members communicate through a group within WhatsApp. When you post in LinkedIn you paste a link to the post in the WhatsApp group. Other members see the link, click on it, and then both like AND comment on the post within LinkedIn. Simple.

How does this affect post views?

LinkedIn has an algorithm. There are 3 parts to it:

  1. It automatically scans for sales posts, so its important that your post is designed to start a conversation, otherwise the post will be automatically downgraded and won’t be shown to many people.
  2. Assuming the post passes the sales test it then looks for likes and comments appearing on the post. If the algorithm sees these it starts sharing with a wider audience. Your first degree contacts and those of the people liking and commenting.
  3. If there is high response during the first hour then the post is automatically shared wider. There’s also a theory that linkedIn looks for things to share as people arrive at work, so we recommend posting before 8AM and commenting between 8AM and 9AM.

Your Commitment:

If you want this to work for your business you need to post regularly. Everyone in the group needs to commit to posting at least once a week, and in exchange for having their post supported agree to support anyone else posting on the same day. Likes and comments on days you aren’t posting will be encouraged but aren’t mandated. That way everyone will get good interaction on their own posts, and the more you give the more you should get back.

Next Steps

If you are still interested hit the join the club button. I’ll add you into WhatsApp and we can get up and running in the next few days. There’s a teaching element too. Learning a little more about how LinkedIn works and how to write posts that will get views is important, so I’ll send you a series of emails over the next few days to help you.

The cost? $25 per month.There’s a special introductory offer of $5 for the first month of membership